Kuhaylan´s Border Collies specializes in conformation lines, with an eye to a dog that can do anything. 
We carefully chosen our foundation dogs, boasting a culmination of the world´s best lines 
- mostly from Australia, but also a little New Zealand and UK.
We are striving for a combination of all the best in the BorderCollie: pleasant temperament, 
no extreme nervousness or aggressiveness - dogs that love people. 
We require sound conformation, which not only enable a dog to do well in the show ring,
but more impotently allows the dog to perform the tasks for which it was developed, 
and the tasks toward which has more recently turned the BorderCollie´s prodigious talents. 
We maintain a high standard for intelligence and herding instinct. 
Kuhaylan´s is concerned with the health of our dogs. 
We hip and eye certify our breeding stock and do all available DNA health-testings.
We produce the classic black/white puppies, 
but also expect some stunning red-white, blue-whites and ee-red. 
Hope you will enjoy your visit!
Come and visit us! The coffee-pot is always on!  


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